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        Get Started!
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       Get Fit & Earn Miles for a
   Virtual Trip Around the World!

  It's Easy, Fun, & Inexpensive!

    Get Started Now!
  1. As soon as you get your booklet  
  Turn to page 9
and get started 
                                   the next morning!

        3 main charts:
             1. Daily Miles Chart (page 9)
             2. City Arrival Chart (page 24)
             3. Maps (pages 19-22)

     Start and End in Ukiah, California.

    Slide 2       (1st Chart)

  Page 9 will look like this.


  You are Rewarded for over 15 Healthy
 Choices! Read about each of these areas as
 needed. Add up your miles daily!

 Move, eat live food, and pursue personal
 growth daily! 

 Bonus miles can be added to fit your
 groups needs or desires! See "Bonus Health
 Items" at the bottom of each page.


    "Same" means same sums.
     Same sums down or across!

  Add today's daily total to yesterday's  
 cumulative total to get today's cumulative

   Slide 3    (2nd chart)

 Based on Earned Miles, write the
  day you arrive in each city.


    (City Arrival Charts on pages 24-26.)


   Slide 4            (3rd chart)

  You will start & end in Ukiah, California.

   Connect the cities with a line or 
   Circle the cities as you arrive!

                (Maps on pages 19-22.)


Mark your map to show your

           Read as You Need!


   Slide 5 

 Rarely in life do we get a path or a
      map to guide us like this!
com Health Habits)



 Choose this Virtual Trip Around the 
 World again or choose a whole new

  Get Fit as You Travel Around the World!

            "Virtual Travel"


Slide 6 
Go to your FaceBook site to chart
      & compare your progress!           
   Let others know where you are!
 Utilize your FaceBook site to track 
 your Daily Location & compare with
 others on  your team!
 Unless your group is all from the same company or class this is a critical component for motivation & accountability!

Go to your FaceBook page then login or "Sign Up". Track Your Daily City Location and Post Weekly Bonus Health Items on this FaceBook page! Communicate, Compete, & Encourage Others! Start on page 9 the day after you get your book. Everyone can start on different days & still race & compare results! It is difficult to coordinate & start everyone on the same day unless you all come from the same work place or classroom...  

 Slide 7      Front cover of book.      

 Get Started!
              (Action & Knowledge!)

      1.Join a Team
  2.Race ‘Round the World  
       3.Earn Miles
     4.Get Fit & Win!
     5.Finish the Trip!
      6.Do it again!


    Slide 8

 Everyone: the Fit & Unfit, the 
 Athlete & Non-athlete, the Thin
 & not Thin, those Busy & not Busy!

 Kids need teacher, parent, or other adult

 School teachers contact your site
 coordinator for a classroom special rate.


 Never start a diet-exercise program without 
 your doctor's approval.


 See Slide 18.

   Slide 9

 Optional Diary or Daily Log...

   Slide 10

 Do Not Stop Filling Out Your Charts!    
    You can get through the tough days!
        Focus on the successful areas!

   Move Forward!

  Contact the Team Leader or communicate on 
your FaceBook site for help & Encouragement!

  Slide 11

 "G.R.O.W.B.Y." = Amazing Awareness!

  WHITE (brown/tan)
  BLUE (purple/black)


  (page 6)

  Slide 12

 Helpful Planning:

 Start drinking your waters when you
 wake up!

 Find a comfortable time & place to

Plan ahead to get your 4+ servings of protein, & "GROWBY" veggies!

Keep hard boiled eggs, carrots, and apples at your work place or school.

Make smoothies with greens, protein, and your "GROWBY" colors!

If you are "suffering" past 7pm, drink some of your colors in a smoothie!  (If the Group Agrees!)

  Slide 13

 We do not focus on weight loss.
 We focus on healthy choices...

   Move & Eat Healthy Food!
 (page 8)


  Slide 14

 Encourage One Another!

 Be sensitive to Others on  
 your team.



  Slide 15
  Read "The Slight Edge"
by Jeff Olson


  Slide 16

Can a cup of tea with nothing 
 added count as a water?
 (Group Decisions)
(Team Decisions)
 (Work Together Decisions)
 (Utilize the Facebook Site!)

 Eggs & cottage cheese are great
 substitutes for vegetarians.

 For vegans, who do not consume any 
 animal products, including dairy
 products, the problem is finding a
 source of healthy high-quality
 protein. Soy patties and protein
 powders are possible supplements???


  Slide 17



  Slide 18

  Family, Friends, Associates,


  Slide 19

 Sometimes old questions 
   require new answers!



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