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Camp Director/Founder: Gary Cavender

  • Successful Math Teacher and Coach for 25 years.
  • 1st Annual Educator of the Year for the Greater Ukiah Area.
  • Ukiah High School Educator of the Year.
  • Annual "Ganas Award" given in his name (MESA).
  • Successful motivator in the classroom and on the field.
  • Distinguished Educator Awards.
  • Co-author of the textbook "Power-Algebra".
  • Author of Various Scientific Papers.
  • California State Power Lifting Champion.
  • Coach of champions at the league, section, and state levels.
  • Coached a Freestyle Wrestling Team in Russia and Hungary in 1987.
  • High school math teacher from 1983-2004.
  • Middle school math teacher from 1981-82.
  • See Cavender's Hall of Fame.

Pi Ranch Mother: Kim Cavender

  • Camp Mom!
  • Camp Cook!
  • Miss Wonderful!
  • Dedicated Friend and Artist!
    ek_4_55.jpg (8546 bytes)Kim with her son, Beau!

Pi Ranch Dog: Moses
Camp Scout!
Loves Kids & Chasing Sticks!

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Our Dedicated Past Tutors
Quality Math Students from Mendocino County!

   amatha0015.jpg (13728 bytes)
Jaclyn Hyler and Nicole Wellick back and to the right!

Brent McManus

  • Excellent Student/Athlete!
  • Oregon University Duck!
  • Great Camp Counselor!
  • Math Major!
ek_22.jpg (10242 bytes)

Angelina Padilla

  • College Math Student at UC Davis!
  • Experienced Math Tutor!
  • A great camp leader, counselor and tutor!

amathe0009.jpg (35461 bytes)

Matt Harris

  • College Math Student!
  • Cliff/Flip Instructor :-)
  • A great camp leader, counselor and tutor!

amathe0010.jpg (28810 bytes)

Nichole/Nicole (N^2/2)

  • Ukiah High School Trigonometry Aces!
  • Great Loving Math Tutors!
  • Excellent Leaders!

Pi Ranch on the Beautiful East Fork of the Russian River!
Refreshing Retreats!