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Math Camp Memories:

No More Math Camps--Sorry!
2005 Memories!


2004 Memories!
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Why Math Camp?
Last summer we had many math students say, "I didn't know math camp could be so much fun!" Yes! We do math! Yes! We do some fun math! Yes! We do a lot of other fun stuff as well! We work with those who love math and those who hate math! And, yes, we get excited & celebrate success!

Do all kids need to labor through 6 weeks of summer school,...behind that same desk?

How about a fun & educational Summer Camp,...getting excited,... learning?

Motivating kids in a camping environment!
Continue to think the way we've always thought and we'll continue to get what we've always got. Numerous studies show that, just like reading, there is a loss of skill in math over the summer months. It is much easier to read over the summer than to do math. Our children do math better when they do conscientious mathematics frequently and continuously. Our summer math programs provide enough conscientious math experience to better link spring development to fall development.

We have found that our students concentrate on math well for about 75 minutes with the right motivation. We do a lot of fun things between these 75 minute intervals and pretty soon most students cannot separate the math from the fun! We stay away from desks and chairs as the students get enough of this during the school year. We study on bean bags, on the carpet, and at picnic tables.

Our hope is to provide enough motivation and experience to enhance success in school math classes and on various state examinations. We have students working at all levels: General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus.

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                             Counselor: Jaclyn Hyler                                           Cindy & Josh
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                                                                                        Counselors with Kids!
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            On the beach at the rope swing!                                                   Miles & Alec!
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Are Parents/Students Aware?

1. Students can learn math in a camping environment where they get to BBQ, swim, have fun, and develop relationships: (In many schools students become bored within the same 4 walls, where movement is prohibited and relationships limited. At Pi Ranch we build relationships, have fun, and learn in a beautiful relaxed camping atmosphere. We have over $12,000 in computer software alone, and we work with students in basic math, prealgebra, algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, & calculus.)

2. Math may prohibit many California students from graduating:
(In California students must now pass an Algebra course and the High School Exit Exam which includes some tough algebra before they can earn their high school diplom
as. (Starts with 2004 graduates.) At Pi Ranch we intend to help as many students as possible! We take students right where they are and move forward!)

3. Immediate feedback for every problem:
(Most math classes in school do not provide immediate feedback on each problem in every exercise and on every test. At Pi Ranch we are able to give immediate feedback with every problem on all lessons and tests. Students learn from their mistakes here because they are made aware of each mistake and with help they conscientiously correct their mistakes.)

4. In math the children of middle class and rich lose about the same as the children of the poor over the summer months:
(Statistically, the children of poor parents have a greater loss in reading skills over the summer months. The children of the rich and middle class seem to travel more, read more, and visit museums, etc. There seems to be an equal loss in math skills over the summer for the rich and the poor. Very few students are rushing off to do their multiplication tables or solve quadratic equations. Our Summer Math Camps at Pi Ranch provide a refresher/continuum between spring/fall math courses.)

5. Algebra is the gateway course for upper math, science, & technology:
(Algebra is to math, science, & technology what the alphabet is to reading & writing. A student coming out of high school with a strong math background can major in just about any college field. A student with a weak math background is limited. At Pi Ranch we strengthen math skills.)

6. Continuous review of concepts in math is basic:
(Repetition is the "mother of learning"! Yes, repetition is the "mother of learning"! Most math classes are not able to provide the type of repetition that leads to "mastery" of a concept. At Pi Ranch we are able to creatively provide repetition without boredom. Math skills, like athletic skills are learned, maintained, and fine-tuned through continual conscientious practice.)

Are Athletes Aware?

1. Athletes need to be prepared as diplomas and scholarships will be affected:
(At Pi Ranch we strengthen math skills and more. We offer athletic training every morning during our Math Camps. Improve your workout routine, strength and academic skills while you are here!)

2. On a scale from 1-10, our children need to be encouraged to be “elevens”:
(“All glory comes from daring to begin!” Dare to be an eleven academically, athletically, and socially. “Continue to think the way you’ve always thought and you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.” At Pi Ranch we are changing our thinking!)

Math Camp GOALS:

I. To develop strong math skills and get excited about learning.

II. To develop test-taking skills/strategies for various high school exit exams, etc.

III. To determine/develop student readiness to proceed to advanced math/science courses.

IV. To encourage/promote/support all student learning.

V. To instill in each kid a true "Passion for Learning"!

VI. To have an intense/enjoyable/memorable seven days at Pi Ranch for Kids.

VII. Results/Results/Results using state of the art diagnostic testing!

VIII. Seven days of fun and learning!

IX. To provide a refresher/continuum between spring/fall math courses.

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